Biking areas

Trysil offers endless challenges for bike lovers! In Magic Moose the chairlift brings you comfortably to seven kilometres of biking happiness. In Gullia there are challenges for both big and small, expert and beginner, and Trysil offers several cool pump tracks. In and around Trysil you will also find miles of dirt roads and trails. It is your choice - go have fun!

Natural single tracks

In Trysil you will find a rich variety of trails and dirt roads, perfect for a heavenly day in the woods or the mountains. Choose between signposted trails in Trysilfjellet mountain, Grimsåsen, Ås and in the valley on the east side of Trysilelva river, or find your own favourite single track. An electric bike gives you the extra power to go on for hours - and you can have twice as much fun, much longer!

Trysil also offers trails perfectly accommodated for biking. Fjellflyten in the Fageråsen area is a sure winner, and on Fjellrunden you can ride around the entire Trysilfjellet mountain.


In Gullia it's easy to find a favourite trail! Choose between trails with names like Blueberry Swing, Missing Link, Rock'n Roll, Tractor Hill, Sweet Dreams and Twin Peaks. The twenty something trails are graded with difficulty from green to black and are perfect for both beginners and experts, children and adults.

The biking area is accommodated with pump tracks and dirt jumps, wooden bridges and other biking elements, and of course, you will find nice spots for rests along the way.

Magic Moose

Magic Moose is a stunning trail right in the centre of the Trysil ski resort. With 285m descent over the 7km distance it offers pure happiness for the discerning mountain biker. Flow through long wooden bridges, dosed bends, rocky parts and small jumps! Several exit pockets allow you to ride in your own pace and let the faster bikers by.

The trail is free to use and open every day, but of course, it is most easily accessible when the chairlift runs. The grading difficulty of Magic Moose is blue.